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Neglected News

Written by Neebs on 28. December 2006 03:56

O for shame, as I stand here on the edge, overlooking, my eyes wander to all the sheep left to stray, to all the sheep left untaught. Now, I know metaphors are a real tough idea to grasp for those still learning this wonderful language I attempt to write in, so I will attempt to clear up all confusions now. Sheep are truly dull-minded creatures without any knowledge of what they are doing or why they are doing such acts, bestiality comes to mind quickly. They are nothing without guidance, and in that quick but oh so sweet sentence which I opened this article with I compared all you people to sheep. And without my guiding light you would have no idea in hades over which frag movies to watch. I know, I know you are far better than that, but delusions of grandeur have gotten me fairly far in life and I intend to keep it that way.

I am sorry, there is no denying that I have neglected my duties as a news writer here, worrying far to much whether it was news worthy, and not nearly worrying enough if the readers would enjoy it. So, here, in one foul attempt at mending all that I have left raped and discarded on the edge of the road, I will bring you all up to speed, a place where you most likely already are, but no matter, enjoy the witty banter, if I can write such things.


Chillside, that other moviemaking crew. You know, the one that is oft imitating, never duplicated. Yeah, the one that tries to tell a story in their movies yet fails each time, that one. Well, they've been having one hell of a, it has been longer than a week, it has not been quite as long as a month, recent time. Yes, Chillside has had one very interesting recent time. First they announced their brand new website which is so overly amazing I came very near to creaming myself the first time I even heard the words "Chillside Media Community 2.0" muttered under the breath of a Vietnamese prostitute. True, she was performing sexual favors for me at the time, but none the less, I was quite close. And with the announcement came the long unawaited trailer for Jaegarn X2. For those of you who have yet to see it, Jaegarn X2 has twice as much inane plot, twice as much awkward voice acting, and twice as much ambiguous self-portraits of our anti-hero. Yet Chillside had begun to roll, in a hypothetical, I'm going to become the President of Germany sort of way hypothetical, and they're barrage of new releases knew no bounds. And as such Chillside saw fit to release Hoorai, to which they had this to say. "Today the long time awaited hoorai movie was released. The movie is about a counter-strike team called hoorai and their recent games played. Fenom and Realized worked together to finish this piece of art." Art it may be, but this was no frag movie. With a twelve minute intro and a seven to eight minute outro it left very little frag part to fill the remainder of the movie with a total runtime of only 6:55. And although my vision was obscured by seven to eleven layers of effects and makeup, I was fairly certain I witnessed one, maybe two virtual murders, maybe two. They also released a trailer for the CPL Winter '06 movie. And if they get this movie done as fast as this trailer promises and with as many 3D bullets as this trailer promises, it will truly be loved by all. Each and every thing Chillside, or C-Side as the ghetto peeps enjoy calling them, is worth a look. I may tease I may taunt, but I love Chillside, especially the cute ones.

Chillside Media Community 2.0
Jaegarn X2 Trailer
Hoorai Movie
CPL Winter 2006 Trailer

They died, they claim they will rise again under a new name. I doubt it, and as such I danced the doubt dance. Thiaz unplugged his computer and returned to the gym. And we mourned the passing of the original gone astray. Enough said on this topic already.

Visit the Eternal Shrine (Eternal as in until someone forgets to pay the bill)

Bloodshed 1.3

I highly doubt that many of you watched the original Bloodshed. It was a big fish in a small pond, to use a wonderfully overused American saying. A lone Quake IV movie with peers such as the Powerless series, and utter shit like John's Quake IV Ownage, where all the graphics are set to minimal effect and it is recorded with fraps as Johnny pwns the competition in a free for all DM. No, this movie is a well edited recap of the best frags from the WCG 1v1 Grand Finals in Monza, Italy. What I thoroughly enjoyed about this movie was the feeling of connection between picture and sound. The feeling that the moving images before you were tied and bound together to the music. And if the music should decide to uplift itself and pray to god that more Quake IV movies should come, why then the images would as well. Perhaps with a spanking, back and forth motion. At the time of this writing, the beloved community site is down and I must post a link to, I promise to remedy the situation as soon as possible.

Bloodshed 1.3

I know there's more but all this holiday crap has gotten to my head. I will post more as the memories of my relatives acting like primates decides to vacate my skull.

#1zeun panCake 28. December 2006 04:15
hmmh... guess saw that coming...
chillside v2.0: love it.
the jaegarn x2 trailer: has some nice effects and stuff, but the whole story is so god damn shitty gangbang.
hoorai movie: well.... its OK, but too much intro n shit... gief fragz :)
CPL Winter 2k6 trailer: its niez, but WHY TEH FUCK ISN'T STYLE MAKING IT?

-just my thoughts about the featured news in this article...
#2daniel Style-Productions 28. December 2006 04:17
Andreas and Pava wanted to do something else than an event movie afaik.
#3rich hillbillyjunkies 28. December 2006 04:38
I think it would feel too solid if the same moviecrew made the same movie year in and year out.

I think it's good with a change, if it's for the better is to wait and see though.. ^^
#4zeun panCake 28. December 2006 04:54
yeah, but me liek style...
#5tensionz 28. December 2006 05:17
I liked all the Bloodshed movies. =D
#6r Style-Productions 28. December 2006 06:06
Wonderfully written news Neebs. You have my praise.
#7IP 87 Studios 28. December 2006 06:08
Is Neebs high on Crack or sumthin?

Last changed: 28. December 2006 06:08
#8Neebs 28. December 2006 06:19
meth my man, meth

and in other news, i in no way support drug use

Last changed: 28. December 2006 06:25
#9delirious VertikalProduction 28. December 2006 07:47
love your writings Neebs. :)
#10essR 28. December 2006 08:58
good article :)
#11Christian Style-Productions 28. December 2006 09:49
Haha nice =))=)=
#12Bac Chillside 28. December 2006 12:46
Why, when none of yours are better then ours? (apart from Anthony and the dude who made the first 10 seconds of the CPL 05 outro)......... haha, waiting for a "smartass" reply, as allways. No hard feelings.

but it was fun too read it.

Last changed: 28. December 2006 12:49
#13spw iGameMedia 28. December 2006 13:38
as a chillside member and if you really think you're so good, you should never say "I'm the best" that bac but it's up too you.

nice article!
#14DrAgOn_- Twilight-Pictures 28. December 2006 13:52
#13 , I think there's no better answer to this kind of provocative article ...
#15spw iGameMedia 28. December 2006 14:31
#14 are you sure? making the cpl2006 movie better than the cpl2005 (that style productions made) is the best answer :)
#16daniel Style-Productions 28. December 2006 14:33
You forgot an "imo" after your comment.

The news writers got free hands, which means that this is Neebs own opinions, although of course we wouldn’t let him post something that we completely disagree on. But I do agree that this article might be a little bit harsh.

Last changed: 28. December 2006 15:39
#17MUNKY 28. December 2006 14:42
#18boffan 28. December 2006 14:59
#17 word!
#19Marius Style-Productions 28. December 2006 15:32
#12 what?
#20Neebs 28. December 2006 16:08
May I quote from my own writings "I may tease I may taunt, but I love Chillside, especially the cute ones." And I stand by that.
#21cZF Style-Productions 28. December 2006 16:14
#12 could you please explain yourself ... your statement is all but coherent.
#22neadii 28. December 2006 17:45
I may go a little offtopic now, but I didn't like Chillsides new site. It's to messy. :)
#23slize Elegato 28. December 2006 17:51
Guys... you're just crazy.
#24-IcemaN- Slyder Media 28. December 2006 19:42
wow, u could stop this before it get's out of control ...
#25r Style-Productions 28. December 2006 19:52
Nothing's out of control. Just a little misunderstanding on Bac's part. #16 explained it perfectly.
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