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Do We Really Have Style? Competition

Written by r on 26. December 2006 22:02

The 2nd Style Competition is here, but do not fret, movie makers, it doesn't include you. Style-Productions proudly presents their first inner squad competition. Each participant will create a film with any form of media they chose and be put under strict analyzation by a panel of special guest judges.

Do We Have Style? Competition Rules

Contest Time: 20 December - 20 February (Deadline 23.59)

- Participants must find their own demos for personal use
- Only one video submission per person
- Maximum length is 4 minutes
- Everything in the submission has to be made by the submissioner (except audio) ie. no co-operation or any kind of plagiarism will be allowed.
- Not allowed to release the movie to the public before winners are announced.
- Official competition banner has to be included in the submission video and has to be shown somewhere in the movie.
- All games can be used in the movie ie. it’s allowed to mix various games
- No file size limit, however file size can give + or -.

You can find the Competition Banner here.

Do We Have Style? Competition Rules

All movies will compete in multiple "Best" catagories.

Every submission will be reviewed by special guest judges we have appointed. They will be announced at the conclusion of the competition.

The winner will get his movie featured in his own news post and interviewed by FarmerJoe, plus respect and glory from no one and of course feedback from the community.

The second and third place winners will be announced in the big Winner announcement with small-interviews by...yes you guessed it, FarmerJoe.

We will update the rules as they are refurbished and worked out.

Winner announcement: March 1st, 2007.

#1H-L 26. December 2006 22:04
#2xyanide Style-Productions 26. December 2006 22:05
I've lost my style.
#3TiMbO e-pics 26. December 2006 22:17
this time pls more q3 or ut submissions :)
#4MUNKY 26. December 2006 22:18
lol u fuckerz aint got style ._.
#5reflexsm 26. December 2006 22:19
#2 you'll never loose it.
#6Marius Style-Productions 26. December 2006 22:26
you fail to read the whole newsitem! :(
#7anjers iceCake 26. December 2006 22:35
Why do you guys get one more month then us?
Lazy fucks!


Last changed: 26. December 2006 22:36
#8rich hillbillyjunkies 26. December 2006 23:12
Who win's won't be the real fun.. who has the energy to participate? Now that's the real amusement :D
#9s0nkite* 26. December 2006 23:35
but do not fret, movie makers, it doesn't include you. Style-Productions proudly presents their first inner squad competition

what you mean in simple english that is a contest between style crew?
#10qujon Style-Productions 26. December 2006 23:44
#10 yes
#11Sn00ty Vienna 27. December 2006 00:34
interesting idea, but does this include all of the staff at style even the news writers like my freind neebs?
#12slize Elegato 27. December 2006 01:26
Nice competition. I wont take a place here , so badd..
#13neadii 27. December 2006 01:47
Contest Time: 20 December - 10 February (Deadline 23.59)

Why do you tell us about the contest 6 days to late? :)

It should be:

Contest Time: 26 December - 16 February (Deadline 23.59)

edit: anyway, good that you started a new contest maybe i'll participate with a movie about my friend. :)

Last changed: 27. December 2006 01:48
#14xyanide Style-Productions 27. December 2006 02:03
This contest is not for the public, it includes only members of the stylecrew.
#15wILLYBOB 27. December 2006 02:12
who makes all these style pictures (for example the competition banner)? i really like them :D
#16F1sCo 27. December 2006 02:24
funny to see how many people dont take the time to read the news before writing a comment ^^
i'm looking forward to see the contributions when they will be released...
#17r Style-Productions 27. December 2006 03:15
I think I've pulled my hair out reading everyones comment.
#18Bilbo 27. December 2006 03:34
PS: anthony is hot

Last changed: 27. December 2006 03:49
#19MUNKY 27. December 2006 03:45
Can you people read the fkn text? It says that it is for the style-crew, as an internal competition...jz
#20Bilbo 27. December 2006 03:47
lol thats the effect of not reading the actual news :P
#21Vassili 27. December 2006 12:36
haha nice idea!

i love Anthony's english, real pr0.
#22cZF Style-Productions 27. December 2006 12:49
hahaha can ppl please stop saying things like "omg, anthony's english is so great"! he's an american citizen ... what freakin else do you expect from him?? that he writes in the way slize pleases us with daily (no offense dude, we know that you're still learning the language (so as most others here, too))?

to #(3), #6, #13, #14 - do you guys honestly wanna tell us that you missed to read the very first sentence of the news post? "The 2nd Style Competition is here, but do not fret, movie makers, it doesn't include you."
#23deleted 27. December 2006 13:02
So comp is called "Do we really have style?" or without "really"? Anyways it doesn't really matter :PP I just wanna see some submissions from style crew :)

Last changed: 27. December 2006 13:04
#24snarvaj hillbillyjunkies 27. December 2006 13:03
Omg AnthoNY, zENd ME YOur AutoGRPh, YouR lIke ROCKIN In EnglISh laNguAGe, Duuuuuud.

I find this concept rather interesting, so good luck to all of you loveable members of style productions.
#25daniel Style-Productions 27. December 2006 13:58
It's called "Do we really have style?"
It's like a challenge against our slogan "We've got style, do you?".
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