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CM Launch $2000 Competition *

Written by fsk on 24. December 2006 00:23

Yes, prize money has finally made it to moviemaking competitions, and Creative-Movies are annoucing their first competition with a collective prize sum of $2,000 representing cash money and prizes from Sennheiser, QPAD, Razer and Icy Box.

Movie submissions are divided in two groups, "Counter-Strike" and another group entitled "Open Games" which, as the name might hint you towards, may contain footage from any game. The competition will run from December 24th 2006, ie. today, to February 5th of Next year, leaving you with 7 weeks to edit your submission, should you decide to enter the competition.
Submissions are restricted to a minimum length of 5 minutes and a maximum length of 10 minutes. Maximum acceptable filesize is 250mb for a 10 minute video, meaning 25mb/minute.

The full statement by Creative-Movies follows below:

"December 24, 2006 - Creative Movies in co-operation with Sennheiser Communications, Razer, Fragbet, Qpad, ICY BOX and Spawnpoint announces the “$2,000 Creative Movies Director's CUT" movie making contest with lots of Hardware & Cash prizes making it one the largest E-Sport scene.

Entries can be made in 2 categories, "Counter-Strike" and "Open Games". Contestants can find contest information including full list of categories by clicking on the "RULES" tab on the left.

One thing which makes this contest even special is that its open for all parts of the world. Yes, you heard it. If you are a residence of this planet, you can take part in this contest..

The contest starts on 24th December 2006 And ends on 5th February 2007. So there is enough time for all of you to finish your videos by that time.

Please NOTE : Movies will NOT be judged on frags. CM team will choose the best movies and then put them online for public voting. And the final winner will be decided by 30% of the audience votes and 70% of the CM judges' votes.

- Creative Movies Contest
- Prizes
- Rules
#1andreas Style-Productions 24. December 2006 00:27
Nice initiative, maybe i'll participate :)
#2id_films Creative Movies 24. December 2006 00:28
i`m waiting for the movies :)
#3r Style-Productions 24. December 2006 00:53
Please NOTE : Movies will NOT be judged on frags. CM team will choose the best movies and then put them online for public voting. Then the viewers will vote and choose the winners.

Bad idea.
#4napalm CND Productions 24. December 2006 01:05
so the name will make it :/
#5r Style-Productions 24. December 2006 01:22
Not worth the time.
#6Vassili 24. December 2006 01:31
those who will participate will need to use before the movie. I would call it a 30 sec long "sponsor advertisement" and not the intro tbh :P
#7pava Style-Productions 24. December 2006 01:45
well ofc you must advertiese for the sponsors when they have prizes like that =)
#8xsystus Creative Movies 24. December 2006 01:49

If we choose to judge the movies ourselves, then there is a problem. (people may flame, "Bad judgement, my/his movie deserved better")

Now after a long thinking and 2nd opinions we decided to watch all the movies, and put only the best out of them for public voting, but that too is a problem.

What should we do ? : (

#6 Actually, we could've named it "Sponsors_ads.rar" .. but contest_intro.rar was just a random name :D .. no deep thinking behind it ^^
#9daniel Style-Productions 24. December 2006 02:03
As you might have noticed in our approach in judging our own competition submissions, we thought judging the movies ourselves would ultimately be the fairest thing to do.

Letting the community vote will just result in several vote-for-me campaign. So in case you feel confident that you will get a lot of votes so the submissioners can't affect the outcome of the poll, then go for it.

Last changed: 24. December 2006 02:05
#10xsystus Creative Movies 24. December 2006 02:11

First of all we will let only the skilled movies go up for the voting ... so there is no chance for an undeserving movie to win.

Secondly, This is a world wide movie making contest ... so we hope there will be good amount of voters from different countries than just 1 country voting for their country men. (But even if this happens then we have point 1 i mentioned above)

So all in all the winner WILL be a good movie, hundred percent. Not an undeserving movie winning the title just by it's creator's name or fan following.

Last changed: 24. December 2006 02:15
#11David Creative Movies 24. December 2006 03:28
#5Anthony Style-Productions 24. December 2006 01:22
Not worth the time.

No offence intended but a movie contest with no prize is? $2000 worth of prizes is a huge step for the "movie making scene". If my memory strikes me correctly you hosted a video editing contest with no prizes and had 13 entries? I'm not launching an attack at you or style infact i'm an admirer of your work but how can you justify that prizes like that simply aren't worth the time.
#12delirious VertikalProduction 24. December 2006 05:00
i feel if you (creative-movies crew) are confident of judging the movies by yourself, you should do that. and not leave it to public voting, which WILL be biased. maybe you can have a seperate prize called 'Viewers' Choice', which is decided by the public only.
#13cZF Style-Productions 24. December 2006 09:49
#11 I don't think anthony is talking about the prizes but about the randomness the scene might choose the winners with. You don't spend 2 months of editing for a movie which in the end loses to ... let's call him editor X, because the community has a 'better' impression of him than of yourself. As an example you could just name Anthony vs. 'editor X' in a contest. As we all know, Anthony apparently got into criticism for his review debacles and obviously handicapped himself a little bit in that way, because the victims of his reviews might just choose another movie as their favorite only because they don't grant Tony the 1st place after he had made fun of their movies.

I have to admit that I agree with him in here, but this still doesn't hinder me from giving it a try if I manage to meet the rules :)
As you said, 2000 bucks are in fact a reason to give it a try. Good luck with the competition.

Ah yeah, about our competition: we had 20 submissions ;p

Last changed: 24. December 2006 10:48
#14essR 24. December 2006 12:08
gl to all who are
#15FistOr Easy Productions 24. December 2006 13:44
don't make a public vote, worst choice ever :/
public vote for their friends, just remember the thermlake contest
#16TempesT Slyprod pictures 24. December 2006 13:51
the voting system sucks :x
#17arne Chillside 24. December 2006 14:29
GOOD LUCK FELLAS.. I'll be sure to make a movie for this competition.. :)
#18slize Elegato 24. December 2006 14:51
public vote ... nice joke : O
#19pez Temporal pictures 24. December 2006 16:00
#20Vocal Creative Movies 24. December 2006 16:16
Can you guys please justify why public voting is a bad idea?

Please, we need serious replies, not replies like #18, who, im sure din't even bothered to read replies in this thread.

If you guys can justify, then we might just change the judging pattern.

#13 You actually missed #10's post, go through it.

Its NOT just public voting.

Its gonna be like this:

We Judge the final 5 or 10 out of xx movie submitted. (any number). And the public votes for the best out of them.

So its not "randomness" or "popularity" which can decide a winner.

A winner will only be a deserved winner.

It's as simple as that, dont find anything complicated in this.

But still, would love to hear your opinions.

Last changed: 24. December 2006 16:21
#21FistOr Easy Productions 24. December 2006 16:39
just read #13, pre-selection or not, if the public make the final vote it'll be a random vote
u shout make something like 2 votes, one by ~10 persons (famous moviemaker or people who know alot about moviemaking) and a public vote
then u take 70% of the judge vote and 30% for the public vote for the final results, but please no public vote the final choice !
#22Vocal Creative Movies 24. December 2006 17:00

You are just repeating what number 13 wrote. Don't ignore what i'm saying.

Ok Lets call the final winner "randomly" selected by the public.

But .. the final 5 will consists of only the best movies .. now out of those 5 .. anyone can win and be the deserved winner.

So please justify, how can this process can decide an undeserving final winner.

Don't think public are fools and will choose a bad winner (even though we wont let a bad movie go to the final stage).

They (the public) may not have "movie making" knowledge .. but they do have movie viewing sense .. that is why we all make movies .. and love to hear their feedback .. dont we ?

Isn't it the public who chose Die Hard, Ruination, Annihilation, or any other quality movies, as best movies at their times?

Do they not deserve their acclaimation ?

There was a time when the likes of Zaknafien released movies as good as eolithic, but then the same people did not accepted their other movies (as NG15, and such).

So finally, its the public who forces us to increase the level of movie making year by year.

So how can you just make the public look like bunch of fools who will vote for a movie just for the sake of it ?

I truely understand what you are saying, and as i said, we dont mind changing the rules, but we need a good reason to do that.

Last changed: 24. December 2006 17:08
#23cZF Style-Productions 24. December 2006 18:14
I don't see your point in saying that the preselection from your side hinders community members from biased voting. deserving or not, you can't honestly mean that the crowd acts or decides objectively as a certain and limited group of judges does. if I would know a movie editor who made it into the finals, ofc I would prefer to vote for him instead of another editor's work in case it's public voting. it's something entirely different if I'm member of a judging group where your voice in facts makes a big difference. I don't see how you could shoot down this argument, sorry.

next thing: you can't name movies like ruination, die hard, which successful movie ever in that discussion. of course those movies deserve their reputation, no doubt about that. but the point is that those weren't movies either created or submitted for a competition. they were indepedent productions which apparently were made in a better way than most other releases of their time. so finally, people chose ruination as 'best movie' because IT WAS a great movie, but not because they liked reflex so much that they said "dritt, I gotta do everything so that this guy makes it to the top standings". only a fragment of his today's fans knew him before ruination; therefore biased voting like this could only hardly have happened.

it's something different with a competition where editors create the movies to compete with others - ruination (for example) did not have the competitive hidden agenda. that's the whole point.

Last changed: 24. December 2006 18:18
#24r Style-Productions 24. December 2006 18:49
Well put Niklas. Nailed it on the head. What were trying to say here guys is that people resort to crazy methods in order to win. Money is an evil that drives people to do things in order to obtain it. The top x movies, although they are the "best", will be compaigning to win and will be using their fanboys and friends as pawns in their victory.
#25numlocked 24. December 2006 18:49
I think a mix of voting and judging is a good idea, but only if you are worried about people complaining about the judging and saying that such and such movie should have won. True, if you do pure voting by the public, it will turn into a huge popularity contest, but if you then add experienced movie-makers to judge like Style did in their competition then you can probably find a happy medium.
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