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ESWC Says ESWC 2006 Was Awesome

Written by Neebs on 6. December 2006 23:29

No frags. Does that mean anything to you? Does that mean the difference between a download worthy movie or yet another waste of the internets? Well then it is my sole duty to relay to you that this movie contains no frags. But hey, if you want to walk away from this download right now, well, that's your call.

However, don't you also want to see the most sport event like of any e-sport event? Don't you want to see what it was like as close to six-thousand people cheered on mibr? Don't you want to hear the ESWC team praise themselves endlessly?

Well, if you answered yes to any question in the second paragraph, well then, download this movie. See what the atmosphere was like. And if for nothing else, download this movie to see a sad, terrible bothersome attempt at dancing from some of the world's top professional gamers. Or you could also justify this download for the split second wherein Ivo "Forever" Lindhout throws the most hilarious hissy fit ever.

Download mirrors can be found here.
You can also stream the movie over at
#1pava Style-Productions 6. December 2006 23:41
hahaha, the dancing was just too awkward for me.
#2rich hillbillyjunkies 7. December 2006 00:54
I'd have to say it was pretty interesting, though I expected interview from more famous guys ^^

People call the intro "Best thing in gaming-movies' history". I'd say the trailer owns the rectum of the intro ;)

( = trailer )
#3pava Style-Productions 7. December 2006 00:54
Indeed, the trailer was much better than the intro.
#4daniel Style-Productions 7. December 2006 01:52
Maybe those people should try to separate professional- and amateur-made movies.

The intro would have been really good (_visually_) if it had been made by amateurs but for being made by professional I wasn't so impressed. The whole Armageddon thing was well made, but it doesn't fit with the movie itself. Seriously, what are they trying to say? ESWC brings Armageddon or what?

Anyhow, I rather watch the dreamscape 2 trailer then that intro again. Visuals aren’t everything in gaming-movies and that movie just proved it (once again).

This was just a quick reply with thoughts after watching the movie, so bash me all you want.
#5Pooty 7. December 2006 03:04
Neebs your from Boston? I love you :D
#6Neebs 7. December 2006 03:21
HOORAH! Boston!
#7id_films Creative Movies 7. December 2006 10:44
very proffesional done gj
#8orci 7. December 2006 11:29
great movie.
and the trailer was also awesome :D
#9essR 7. December 2006 11:31
good one
#10troblems Five Star Cinema 7. December 2006 15:26
nerdy kids dancing isnt the best way to go about a flick
#11fsk Style-Productions 7. December 2006 15:43
#3 agreed, the trailer was bloody awsome.
#12H-L 7. December 2006 17:59
i loved this movie =)
#13Sn00ty Vienna 7. December 2006 18:41
i thought it was a great movie, very well done
#14TempesT Slyprod pictures 7. December 2006 20:54
great movie !
#15ducA ExhaustivePictures 7. December 2006 21:44
Emil"HeatoN"Christensen was very good at dancing :P haha rofl. but nice vid.
#16FistOr Easy Productions 7. December 2006 22:32
awesome editing, great content !
#17slize Elegato 9. December 2006 12:10
i like it : ) Does anybody know the song before outro ? In this nice club ? :D Its cool , hm?
#18bladee e-pics 9. December 2006 14:55
Starting Rock feat. Diva Avari - Don't Go


Last changed: 9. December 2006 14:57
#19slize Elegato 9. December 2006 15:23
Thank you so much :D
#20cZF Style-Productions 9. December 2006 15:56
hey thx, was looking for this one too :)
#21zeun panCake 9. December 2006 19:17
yeah it's really great.
#22Lacc Hybrid Movies 10. December 2006 00:00
its dec 10. but where are the results? :D
#23slize Elegato 10. December 2006 00:06
#24tensionz 10. December 2006 00:32
I agree with #1 lol.
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