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Chillside announce big news *

Written by andreas on 6. December 2006 15:53

Chillside Production AB today announced the launch date of their new community site for media interested people. Chillside has always been known as the king of the hill when it comes to online gaming videos and to take a further step upwards they have decided to update their previous site to version number two, the release date is set to December 20th 2006, in two weeks.

While waiting for the new site, Xenoq and PheZzO has released another trailer for the upcoming JAEGARN X2 project. The video is basically what you can expect: a storyline, a lot of effects and great editing. However, it seems that the style is repeated all over again and we might see a similar result like the latest JAEGARN movie in JX2. Whether thats positive or not is up to you, but one thing is for sure, it will be worth a download.

A countdown clock and trailer mirrors can be found here.

The site has been released
#1anjers iceCake 6. December 2006 16:04
Pretty cool I gues.
Not sure if the trailer gave me any expectation tbh... :P

Last changed: 6. December 2006 16:28
#2H-L 6. December 2006 16:13
#3Marius Style-Productions 6. December 2006 16:26
Didn't like the trailer, but looking forward to the site :)

Last changed: 6. December 2006 16:30
#4FistOr Easy Productions 6. December 2006 16:35
wtf with jaegarn picture?
#5context panCake 6. December 2006 16:46
OMG I love this one =D
#6fsk Style-Productions 6. December 2006 16:47
Stupid government "story" as always, rest of the trailer was decent.

Xenoq needs to get OFF the project and let Phezzo do what he does best.

Last changed: 6. December 2006 16:47
#7zeun panCake 6. December 2006 17:27
I have high expectiations, i've gotta say...
#8rich hillbillyjunkies 6. December 2006 17:35
I'm always sceptical about trailers.

98% of the trailers released nowdays doesn't bring me any expectations on the movie at all. It doesn't give me the suction for the whole movie more than it was before the trailer was released.

This trailer was no exception, it was cool and all, but didn't make me "EEEEEEEH NEED MOVIE RELEASE DIRR?!?" as some trailers used to do ^_^
#9deleted 6. December 2006 19:49
<3 the trailer! gj Xenoq, PheZzO!
#10-IcemaN- Slyder Media 6. December 2006 20:16
nice trailer, looking forward for the movie, I wonder what new things will bring this movie in the moviemaking community
#11Fenom Chillside 6. December 2006 20:20
#6 Well, I kinda agree, but the story doesn't disturb me that much. I just sit back and enjoy the trailer/movie, it's not that hard to ignore or just skip the "story"-parts ;D

Anyways, really good trailer. Amazing editing, and the feeling is yuMMI3!
#12pava Style-Productions 6. December 2006 20:24
editing was alright, nothing really special, just cams to normal theatricle music, though the last half had a great feel to it =) Im sure the movie will be great.
#13Bac Chillside 6. December 2006 20:51
#12 the other way around for me. Liked the first part better.

#6 the "Stupid government 'story'" is a goof.
#14viccctr VICTORS VIDEOKLUBB 6. December 2006 21:07
Hoorai + spindeln + solo at 20/12 then? :D
#15rich hillbillyjunkies 6. December 2006 21:17
#13 they should really make it look like a "goof" then. It looks serious, so you take it seriously =)

(and yes, I thought the exact same thing when I was in Chillside)
#16Marius Style-Productions 6. December 2006 21:38
is it a goof?
#17daniel Style-Productions 6. December 2006 21:57
I wish chillside all of luck with their new website, I really hope it will be good. The community needs something new.

JX2 trailer page was cool, the trailer itself was alright but it does feel like you've seen it all before.

Last changed: 6. December 2006 21:59
#18fsk Style-Productions 6. December 2006 22:06
#11 it is hard to ignore, I just can't.
#13 it is in NO WAY apparent that it's a goof (is it, really?).
#19Marius Style-Productions 6. December 2006 22:51
#18 it's a goof!
#20Bac Chillside 6. December 2006 23:01
#18 yes, it is a goof.
#21pava Style-Productions 6. December 2006 23:02
If it's a goof (right) then it's one of the worst goofs ive seen. _WAY_ too much work put into it, and there are no signs pointing to it being a goof. But hey, if its a goof its a goof :)
#22Sn00ty Vienna 6. December 2006 23:06
hated the last site hope the new one is better
#23N3utr0 6. December 2006 23:18
<3 Trailer
#24cristal iceCake 6. December 2006 23:35
Some awesome editing skills shine through the totally boring and utter cheezy presentation..Its a shame it aint the other way around.

Seen before, cheezy as shit and superb editing.
#25Pooty 7. December 2006 17:00
Theres no way anyone could know it was satirical..I've seen the first one, I thought that whole story line was just a lame attempt to put in some 3D scenes/machinima.

Thats what I think everyone said about the last one, I dont see why you would do the same thing in the next one. "Ya JaegarnX was great BUT the intro/storyline was stupid."
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