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The Beginning of the End

Written by r on 29. November 2006 21:12


Being the 29th and my birthday (yes that was a horrible attempt at self publicity), I figured it be a good day to remind everyone that the first Style Competition is coming to a close. Make sure you tidy up your audio, tighten those crossfades, and refine your effects as the judging process begins this Friday/Saturday. Make sure you have followed the rules closely and submit "legal" films (concerning the rules of course).

Just a reminder, make sure the video:

- is a minimum length of 1:30 minutes and a maximum length of 3 minutes
- is only made by you
- is not released before we announce the winners to the public
- contains the official Banner

Good luck and we look forward to the submissions.
#1Aulie panCake 29. November 2006 21:26
I have already submitted my movie, but I remembered everything:P
#2MUNKY 29. November 2006 21:33
I'm uploading my shit now haha it's gonna rock ur sOXXXX
#3Zaknafein Style-Productions 29. November 2006 21:47
shit, my movie has goatsex, is it legal then? :P
#4Lacc Hybrid Movies 29. November 2006 22:00
i'll upload today..
fuckin loud ingame sounds :D
#5boffan 29. November 2006 22:06
Great :) I'm looking forward to some awesome contributions!
#6cZF Style-Productions 29. November 2006 22:28
#4 if it's really that loud you should reconsider your decision to leave it at this level in the final video ... might get you some minus points
#7slize Elegato 29. November 2006 22:47
wow, i'm waiting to see the winners :p Happy birthday my boo ! :*
#8FistOr Easy Productions 29. November 2006 22:54
cant wait ffs
#9cZF Style-Productions 29. November 2006 22:59
you shoulda made something for it Fistorette :0
#10marsi hillbillyjunkies 29. November 2006 23:19
My birthday is also today :)

Last changed: 4. December 2006 18:20
#11macko Skyla 29. November 2006 23:22
GREAT! Grats, Anthony and marsi!

Can't wait too see the contributions.
#12r Style-Productions 30. November 2006 01:55
thanks lover!
#13wego Style-Productions 30. November 2006 08:23
I havent started on my movie :/ Could I please one more day?
#14rich hillbillyjunkies 30. November 2006 12:48
Fuck you Anth, happy birthday to me!
#15essR 30. November 2006 13:43
hppy b-day guys!
#16anjers iceCake 30. November 2006 15:20
#17H-L 30. November 2006 15:44
its my bday!
#18ShaQ moviemakers 30. November 2006 17:32
gl ppl
#19Lacc Hybrid Movies 30. November 2006 19:25
#6 just a bit loud... i dont have many time for finish the movie.. so its not the best what can i do, maybe the next competition ;)
#20Lacc Hybrid Movies 30. November 2006 19:37
hm... :@

The different:
- Only allowed to use a maximum of three demos.

#21Sn00ty Vienna 30. November 2006 20:03
I stoped making my movie for the comp but im thinking about finishing it just for fun. I have one question about the comp tho, even if you dont win meaning 1st 2nd or 3rd place will you still get to see what the judges thought about your movie?
#22daniel Style-Productions 30. November 2006 20:29
That rule was removed a couple of minutes after we posted the news item but it seems we forgot to remove it in that section.

Sorry about that.

We will only give feedback to the winner but if there's a huge interest in feedback we _might_ add it.

Last changed: 30. November 2006 20:56
#23Lacc Hybrid Movies 30. November 2006 20:32
#22 WEEE :D
#24Aulie panCake 30. November 2006 21:20
I am sure there is a huge interest in feedback!
Please add it on the other contributions, not just the winner (A)
#25r Style-Productions 30. November 2006 21:35
Von Constatine said that if there is a high enough demand, he will review all the movies that did not make the top 3.
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