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Another Week in Review by Dchozn

Written by Neebs on 18. November 2006 01:53

Maybe he was on acid. No, that drug isn't cool in the college scene anymore, more likely, David Cho took a couple hits of Meth, staggered back to his dorm room, fired up his iPod and started playing some beautiful Chopin piano solos. While parading through his vacant room in nothing but his under garments an idea strikes. That idea led to an innovative approach to the musical style of Frag Movies in general.

The end product is not that of demos set to blazing screamo or emotional teen angst as sung by a man with long straight hair brushed too far over his eyes and wearing too tight of a t-shirt for his own good. But a violent mess of blood and destruction counter-acted with a gentle lull of piano notes and chords floating cautiously into your ears.

Dchozn presents nothing new here, nor does he take any great initiative towards using the music in a more creative light. It feels almost too formulaic in the gun is fired synced with a downbeat sort of way. However, this video deserves your download in the way people viewed Andy Warhol's 8-hour film constantly split between two characters. The Music is new, and if for nothing else, the ending usp frags synced to the piano notes are nothing short of spectacular. Released two days ago, Dchozn created something different, and something that deserves your download.

Little information and download links can be found here.
#1zeun panCake 18. November 2006 02:05
weirdest engine font i've seen, bad qual, funny mewzick, ok frags.
me liek pianoh!

goget cpl 2k5 trackerscheme!11

Last changed: 18. November 2006 15:02
#2xyanide Style-Productions 18. November 2006 02:35
Haha, great news! ^^
#3fsk Style-Productions 18. November 2006 02:46
What I can't stand about DchozN's vids is that he always makes the same annoying mistakes like the crosshair always looks like crap. The new thing he has going is he having edited the trackerscheme and replaced the standard fragtext with a hideous font.

Props to him for trying to be different though.
#4r Style-Productions 18. November 2006 02:55
I praise the writer of this great satire.
#5Neebs 18. November 2006 03:00
Why thank you. I'm Niels, I'm the new newswriter.
#6zeun panCake 18. November 2006 10:26
Nice to meet you Neebs.
#7wego Style-Productions 18. November 2006 12:16
Welcome Neebs
#8VH 18. November 2006 12:23
wtf :D
#9essR 18. November 2006 12:59
gl & hf neebs ;))
#10pava Style-Productions 18. November 2006 13:58
This was.. awkward.. Visual graphics are horrible... the tracker scheme is imbarrasing.
#11H-L 18. November 2006 14:25
damn not good =(
#12cristal iceCake 18. November 2006 14:57
that shit's hideous
#13qujon Style-Productions 18. November 2006 16:16
haha, i cant remember what that song is called but i played it on the piano when i was younger :)
#14anjers iceCake 18. November 2006 18:45
Some good hltv cams, thats all.
#15reflexsm 19. November 2006 03:19
I cried.
#16FistOr Easy Productions 19. November 2006 13:32
ahah #3 so true
#17panicnwb 20. November 2006 10:45
Neebs you make me smile.
#18r Style-Productions 21. November 2006 04:30
Lets get the obvious out of the way. Mr Cho does something that hardly anyone else tries in the CS media field today...something different. And for the sake of arguement, he accomplishes that. HOWEVER, that does not deter us from the fact that this film seems extremely (and I'm sure he was) rushed. This creative idea had so much more potential backing it. It seemed to drag and get repetetive. The edits and cuts were not matching the music in anyway keeping the more than obvious syncing points aside. The subtle things that were spread evenly throughout his older movies are now gone. I wish he would put into his films the same quality and dedication his old films had (which I can assume his schedule does not allow).
#19pava Style-Productions 21. November 2006 14:46
Sure he tried something different, but using a mild piano tune does not make your video good just like that. And on top of that it is horrible executed. As you said the whole thing is rushed, it's sloppy, well tbh, there isn't really anything good with it. The whole presentation is very unprofessional. I don't give credit just because he used an original song, when he doesn't have the decency to put some work into it.
#20r Style-Productions 21. November 2006 18:24
I'm not arguing with you at all, but you do have to give him a minute amount of credit for putting some twist into the project. It was horrible of me, but as I watched the flick, ideas and ways of improvement entered my head so much that i almost opened up vegas and started editing the piano tune to some footage.

Last changed: 21. November 2006 18:25
#21Hesesses 25. November 2006 15:13
comoon guys! Dchozn does something that no1 in cs moviemaking scene can do, a new movie in every week / 2 weeks.

Maybe the overall quality isnt so good everytime, but when you have limited time to record scenes / choose song(s) / editing... you cant test different effects/things.

Its not easy and you have pressures because of deadline.

and the most important thing.. the point of these "week in review"-movies is to show highlights.
If you are watching news on tv, they could add trapcode shine to every clip, but they want to keep it simply :P
#22pava Style-Productions 25. November 2006 15:24
people dont do it because they dont get paid like he does. You cant have it all - He chose a paycheck, and i don't really blame him, but that means his work is usually totally uninteresting. That's the way it is.
#23tsn 25. November 2006 19:11
Never liked his movies...

who ever made Ruination is god.
#24r Style-Productions 27. November 2006 20:13
Interesting. Exactly what religion is that tsn?
#25delirious VertikalProduction 28. November 2006 08:06
imo i think he'll do great in non-gaming videos. he's got creativity, but doesn't execute them in the best way possible.
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