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Written by cZF on 14. November 2006 13:40

With half of the editing phase for the competition being almost over now, we have an important update to announce for all contestants who were about to create and submit a Quake 3 clip.

As the Shaolin monk Ashr informed us recently, some of the Q3 demos we hosted for the contest were so-called multiview demos, which are not compatible with the common demo tools used in the Q3 movie scene. Due to Ashr's kindness, we have now 15 additional demos, which he suggested us, ready for use in the competition - this time 100% compatible.

We honestly apologize for these conjuctures - be asured that something like this will never happen again in future competitions hosted by Style-Productions as we will plan our contests more carefully.

The editors who already started working with the few available demos, are in spite of it all welcome to send their clips in or pick up the 15 new demos to spice up their current work. Those who hesitated to enter the competition due to the mediocre demo research or the small amount of allocatable demos should now be convinced to compete. With 16 days being left before the deadline is reached, hardworking editors should nevertheless be able to create an entertaining competition movie.

Once more: sorry for these uncomfortable circumstances and thanks to Ashr for putting us in the right light concerning the old demos and his effort to pick out some high quality demos for you Q3 editors to work with.

The 5 firstly hosted demos can be found here.
The newly hosted demos can be found here.

With kind regards - THE STYLE CREW
#1Marius Style-Productions 14. November 2006 14:27
sweet ^^ now go to work! :D
#2rich hillbillyjunkies 14. November 2006 15:20
a little bit clumpsy but hey, can't be perfect =)
#3K0rN 14. November 2006 15:26
aha 20 demos for quake.. o.O for cs just 5.. nvm ;>
#4pava Style-Productions 14. November 2006 15:28
jupp. much easier to get more material out of a hltv than a quake demo.
#5CensoreD 14. November 2006 15:30
haven't made much yet on my movie....
#6context panCake 14. November 2006 16:24
nextime look trough the CS 1.6 demos and looks how does the best frags and choose them :P
#7pava Style-Productions 14. November 2006 16:35
The cs frags are fine. sure, nothing ground breaking, but thats not the point. It's the editing that you need to focus on, not the material.
#8cZF Style-Productions 14. November 2006 17:30
exactly, you can't compare a 1on1 q3 with a 5on5 cs demo. let's say we have 2 players in each q3 demo -> 2 x 20 demos = 40 povs. cs -> 5 x 10 players = 50 povs. not unfair at all :p

Last changed: 14. November 2006 17:53
#9deleted 14. November 2006 17:38
yeah, cs demos are peretty good.
#10marsi hillbillyjunkies 15. November 2006 00:58
Nobody is perfect ;)
#11delirious VertikalProduction 15. November 2006 16:45
<3 AshR. Fellow Indian and an awesome q3 movie-maker.
#12K0rN 15. November 2006 17:16
ahh 1on1 only :> thought some team games too ;X dunno
#13r Style-Productions 15. November 2006 19:47
So wait I don't get it... are we allowed to use all of the demos or only the new ones or can we use like the first five ansd then the last 3 or is there some special rule where if we use one multi cam and 3 single cam then the outcome has to be 2:15 minutes long and if we use Q3 and a different game, we can only use 1 pov?!!?!? Is that true? Huh!?
#14r Style-Productions 15. November 2006 19:49
Von contatine told me to say, "mmhmmm. good luck and don't suck. mhmmmmm."
#15wego Style-Productions 15. November 2006 20:18
#16pez Temporal pictures 17. November 2006 12:25
that's what happen with a cs based community d;p
#17anjers iceCake 18. November 2006 00:27
Good good, i should start editing soon ^^
#18essR 18. November 2006 12:59
#19ashr 21. November 2006 22:33
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