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Norge.css – A Community Rising

Written by Marius on 11. November 2006 12:57

From the producer of unknown CSS movies such as Levita - The Movie and Daemons - The Movie, comes a brand new movie with frags from the Norwegian CSS scene. Sippini and z0uLess have been collecting frags for quite some time now and a lot of people have been eager to be a part of this movie. Even if the movie contains some awesome and apparently lucky frags, it could have been much better when it comes to the actual editing. The music is not really synced with the frags and the few effects which were used are quite poor. This might be because of the difficult music Sippini has selected to work with. Anyway, overall this is a cool CSS movie and, to be honest, there are not many good CSS movies out there. So I would say this is a movie you should have in your frag movie collection.

Comment from Sippin:

I started working on this project in late July, but since the wow-plague got to me I haven't finished it before now. My main goal was to make people aware of that there actually is a quite big and fast growning cs:s community in norway, and I hope I have suceeded with that.

The movie can be downloaded from the following places:


An interview with the assisting producer of the movie can be found here (in Norwegian)
#1Marius Style-Productions 11. November 2006 13:01
my first encounter with css :o
#2Christian Style-Productions 11. November 2006 13:05
lovley :D
#3RatQuiRit Easy Productions 11. November 2006 13:08
Kodiak 2 is the best css movie i seen so far, let's see if Sippin could do better
#4essR 11. November 2006 13:08
hope its good! dl...
#5anjers iceCake 11. November 2006 13:54
#3 link
#6spw iGameMedia 11. November 2006 14:24
#7pava Style-Productions 11. November 2006 14:25
I kept thinking, whats up with this annoying effect he uses all the time. But then i realized it was the flashbang.. Some decent frags though. Outro made the movie worth it, love Ayumi :D
#8anjers iceCake 11. November 2006 14:31
Anoying music imo, too much ecofrags, and most of the time i couldn't hear the ingame sound :P

Last changed: 11. November 2006 14:40
#9Marius Style-Productions 11. November 2006 14:33
hahaha pava
#10orci 11. November 2006 15:28
waaah the first fragsong was so awful! but the second was nice =)
since i dont play css i dont know if the frags were good , but some looked really nice!
#11RatQuiRit Easy Productions 11. November 2006 16:11
i keep thinking using sonata arctica in a fragmovie is one of the worst idea a moviemaker can have.
anyway frags were impressive and entertaining even for the non-css player i am.
the outro song is unbearable, my brother listens to it and this kind of music 24/7, just imagine how painful this is...I prefer Celine Dion :'((((((((((((
#12neadii 11. November 2006 16:23
2bad i hate CSS.
#13boffan 11. November 2006 17:21
I thought the movie was good, gotta download more CSS movies :)
#14spw iGameMedia 11. November 2006 18:24
guess that I realized I don't like css fragmovies :\
#15Bilbo 11. November 2006 20:05
hhahahaha nice outro xD

Some nice really nice frags, but some of the enemys seemed like real noobs :P
#16marsi hillbillyjunkies 11. November 2006 23:19
Cool, downloading. I actually bought CS:S after I had seen Surreal 2 :D


The movie was.. Terrible, there is nothing more to say about it, just terrible.

Last changed: 12. November 2006 00:03
#17Pooty 12. November 2006 01:11
I play css and even i thought it was bad
#18F1rSt_nK 12. November 2006 13:00
Not bad for counter-strike^source, but so borring for me. Kodiak2 better
#19luntarn 2. January 2007 22:02
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