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Mémoires of Virtus ProCLOSE
CREATOR(S) Anthony
START DATE February 3, 2017
RELEASE DATE Winter 2018
GENRE Frag Highlights
Imba Blog

May 2017 to June 2018 - Blame Daniel and Niklas for killing my motivation. Then blame Echoes of 2017.

June 7 - Finally found clips to fit into the big drops in the soundtrack. Very awkward feelings regarding if it meets my standards for how epic these parts should be. This soundtrack is definitely more difficult to deal with than prior OSTs. Challenge accepted.

June 12 - Filling up the timeline. Hating everything Im doing. Perfect combination for a successful movie...

August 1 - After a long break from editing, I'm ready to get kick start this again

August 7 - Worked on some cams today. I'm rusty af

August 9 - spent a lot of time masking a short scene only to come up with another idea that requires even more masking. Oof.

August to October - MONSTER HUNTER

October 4 - back again and feeling good about my cams. Let's finish this before the new year!

October 6 - good day of editing. got a big moment looking the way I want it to. wife liked it too. I'll keep her around for a while longer

October 9 - more stuff done! lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 17 - took me way too long to complete a relatively simple transition. Details are hard...

October 18 - scene sync

October 19 - cam

October 20 - cam sucked. deleted cam.

October 25 - made a cam that didn't suck.

October 29 - I just completed a scene that I originally thought of in March of 2017. the production time for this movie is ridiculous....
#1Dec HLAE 4. February 2017 09:24
#2Dec HLAE 21. April 2017 22:08
#3Dec HLAE 19. May 2017 19:11
#4anthony Style-Productions 19. May 2017 19:39
3/10 comment.  Not enough "O's"
#5Dec HLAE 28. January 2018 10:54
Mémoires? I thought that was a French word, which made sense for a French team, but Virtus Pro? :D

Unless! You are giving viewers a way to recognize you more, since they might go:
Ooh, "Mémoires" - I have heard that before somewhere, is this the same guy?
#6anthony Style-Productions 28. January 2018 18:12
There ya go Dec :-D
#7ripieces HLAE 26. February 2018 11:05
#8anthony Style-Productions 26. February 2018 16:08
Pretty sure I have a bag somewhere that looks similar to this 
#9Dec HLAE 13. March 2018 09:35
Looks like you can continue this project while we wait for Eo17.
#10anthony Style-Productions 16. March 2018 05:38
I've got another reoccurring project that I'm going to tackle initially, but yes, this is next.
#11Dec HLAE 20. May 2018 11:00
#12Klinsir 3. June 2018 18:31
so biggest expectations! But we have to wait. Movienations go!
#13anthony Style-Productions 5. June 2018 19:22
This is Style-Productions, not MovieNations...
#14Dec HLAE 7. June 2018 12:58
#15pray Kyoto 19. July 2018 23:18
still on that 80 percentòs <(o_____o<)
#16JJz 31. July 2018 17:37
Are you still currently working on this or did you take a break from it, Anthony ?
Just asking because it's been a while since I last saw a quality fragmovie :)
#17Dec HLAE 1. August 2018 08:43
My guess is this heat. That is at least my reason for putting my own project on hold for the rest of the summer.
#18anthony Style-Productions 1. August 2018 22:43
Lol nah, not the heat.  We have good air conditioning here :D Just took a bit of a vacation to do other things.  Ready to hop back on this after watching a beta and finish it!
#19Dec HLAE 23. September 2018 13:43
Guess we're both stuck with our progress :(
#20anthony Style-Productions 24. September 2018 07:39
as soon as Im done with Monster Hunter, Im back on this!
#21Dec HLAE 17. October 2018 11:57
Motivational speech: Details are what elevates Style-Productions above everyone else.

Last changed: 17. October 2018 20:23
#22Dec HLAE 30. October 2018 07:09
Motivational speech: A delayed project is eventually good. A rushed project is bad forever.
#23anthony Style-Productions 30. October 2018 22:48
think i saw that in a fortune cookie once
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