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START DATE Spring 2015
FEATURES Professional e-Sport Players
GENRE Frag Highlights
Alrighty, time for some updates. So the movie, which will be my first release in seven years, will be around five minutes long, and feature an in-your-face rock/hardcore soundtrack. Content selection and synchronization is more or less done at this point. Things left to do include color correction, recording additional cams, and adding a short intro. I'd say a release before the end of the year is more than likely, but I'm obviously not gonna promise anything. Stay tuned -- Cheers, cZF

August 23, 2015: Color correction more or less done; currently adding some bling-bling

September 1, 2015: Only intro and some minor fine tuning left \o/

October 13, 2015: cf. September 1 update :/

October 18, 2015: I finally found some inspiration for the intro. Despite being so short, I had some issues coming up with ideas for it. Shouldn't take too long to finish this movie now \o/

October 25, 2015: Settled on a new name. Intro is more or less done, too. Only one possible cam and some minor fine tuning left now!

October 31, 2015: Done and done.
#1Dec HLAE 27. June 2015 10:25
#2ripieces HLAE 27. June 2015 14:13
#3Dec HLAE 18. July 2015 10:24
What's with the secrecy anyway
#4cZF Style-Productions 18. July 2015 10:47
Too right. Four moviemakers, four projects. Whose projects could it possibly be? ;)
#5ripieces HLAE 23. July 2015 11:43
What if at least one movie maker has more than one project? :O
#6Dec HLAE 1. August 2015 19:18
Skyrocketing to 70%! But no title, or just keeping it secret from us? ;)
#7anjers iceCake 2. August 2015 10:59
It's a movie about Jon Snow! Can't wait!
#8Dec HLAE 2. August 2015 18:28
I have no idea what to expect so I don't know how excited I should be!
#9akidos Style-Productions 4. August 2015 00:22
This makes me wet 
#10ripieces HLAE 5. August 2015 20:33
Niklas, good luck and more importantly have some fun in some way :-)
#11pava Style-Productions 5. August 2015 23:39
Niklas doesn't "have fun".  Nice guy, though. 
#12cZF Style-Productions 6. August 2015 13:48
No, I don't have fun, fun is for suckers. Seriously though, been a lot of fun to edit so far, despite some frustrating moments with CS:GO and my seeming inability to use Vegas properly. I tried out the mirv_streams system yesterday, which worked like a charm once I figured out the idea behind it. So great job on that, Dom!
#13ripieces HLAE 22. August 2015 16:37
Well I hope it's not like programming HLAE:

Some excitement on the go and when it's done all excitement is gone and you feel outpowered and useless :|
#14Dec HLAE 26. August 2015 15:05
Returner? Fake title? Although it's kind of true, but feels odd to use as a title, unless it's literally about telling the whole moviemaking community that you have returned.
#15cZF Style-Productions 26. August 2015 20:39
I'd call it a working title. I'm open to name suggestions, but considering how irrelevant the names of CS movies really are, I might as well call it Returner. Sure, the title pertains more to me as the editor of the movie than to the actual content, but there really aren't any distinguishing characteristics of the content, either. Another title I was considering before was Neun (or, to make it sound extra fancy, Nonus), which should be self-explanatory. TL;DR: Nothing's set in stone yet.
#16ripieces HLAE 31. August 2015 17:56
You should call it 80085
#17cZF Style-Productions 31. August 2015 19:58
Not a bad idea, maybe a little too much on the nose.
#18ripieces HLAE 31. August 2015 20:09
Okay, call it Curvatures then :P
#19r Style-Productions 1. September 2015 13:45
+1 for 80085
#20xyanide Style-Productions 2. September 2015 10:15
+1 for 80085. Just make sure you use the right font for it.
#21Dec HLAE 9. October 2015 16:48
October update? : )
#22Dec HLAE 31. October 2015 12:26
November update release? : )
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