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From The AshesCLOSE
CREATOR(S) Anthony
START DATE April 2015
RELEASE DATE June 23, 2016
FEATURES Professional/Amateur Frags
GENRE Atmospheric/Editing Focused
Polishing the movie
#1how-hiGh_ HLAE 12. February 2015 07:33

Last changed: 17. February 2016 20:56
#2Dec HLAE 12. February 2015 10:58
Nice. So, like the Evequal we deserve?
#3Krpi Neebs 5. April 2015 11:24
Soundtrack: Massive Attack - Teardrop

Edit: Yay for new description! Sounds interesting. 

Last changed: 13. April 2015 16:10
#4psh HLAE 20. April 2015 18:20
"I'm planning to make this video unlike anything that anyone has made in the current CS:GO editing community."
"Although it will showcase frags, they will be secondary to the editing."

Have you watched any movies from Russia in the past ... 7 years ? :D
#5anthony Style-Productions 20. April 2015 18:47
#6Dec HLAE 5. May 2015 12:20
Since the release of MoT, do you get offers from players or organisations now? I mean, Titan did, but what about individuals?

My point being: do you pick the team or player(s) or do they pick you? (olofmeister?)
#7anthony Style-Productions 6. May 2015 08:45
Nah, don't think there's much interest from players to seek out editors.  They know they don't need to because EVERYONE makes clips and movies of their frags, so I just picked a guy who produces decent clips.  This may change though.  Who knows.
#8Dec HLAE 18. July 2015 10:24
40%! That's almost half!
#9anthony Style-Productions 18. July 2015 16:05
yup.  moving along and having a lot of fun too!
#10ripieces HLAE 8. August 2015 16:46
#11Dec HLAE 26. August 2015 15:03
You will rise from the ashes of this world.
#12Dec HLAE 31. August 2015 11:08
Woah same progress as mixwell? :D
#13anthony Style-Productions 1. September 2015 13:46
#14ripieces HLAE 1. September 2015 21:11
#15ripieces HLAE 19. September 2015 13:48
Oh a wooping 80% :O
#16Dec HLAE 20. September 2015 20:29
You editing the trailer yourself this time or will you let your pet German do it again? ;)
#17anthony Style-Productions 21. September 2015 01:48
pff, definitely myself.  the german failed me miserably last time.
#18Dec HLAE 22. October 2015 16:54
How's the trailer going?
#19anthony Style-Productions 31. October 2015 21:36
still deciding if i want to do one.
#20Dec HLAE 2. November 2015 13:31
I almost got the impression you were already editing one. May as well not do one, trailers for CS movies feel old, and there's no "marketing" needed for a hobby project as you gain no money so how big the audience is doesn't matter.

What do you say?
#21anthony Style-Productions 8. November 2015 03:51
who knows anymore.  if i do one, its because its fun, not because of anything else. 
#22Dec HLAE 23. November 2015 16:49
Did this go from 80 to 70%? Scratched something or perhaps decided to make it longer? :)
#23anthony Style-Productions 24. November 2015 02:30
realized i was getting ahead of myself with the percentages.  womp womp.  cant wait to start editing this again.  been over a month since i touched it
#24warbi4 10. January 2016 11:33
better rename it, the title isn't good for watching.
#25anthony Style-Productions 10. January 2016 19:32
already have an idea in mind.  I was thinking of "Scream_Right Shoxing the World Soloing Mid: The Movie"
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