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SP Trailers | Requiem 2 Trailer

The trailer to the sequel of 2006's frag/machinima mix, Requiem.


Movie Information

TITLE Requiem 2 Trailer
CREATOR(S) Anthony
GAME Counter-Strike
TYPE Fragchinima
CODEC xvid/mp4
SIZE 35 mb
RELEASED January 13, 2010

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#1Dec HLAE 14. January 2010 19:43
I don't understand anything, but I like it :D

Btw. 90 fps and unsharp footage? :(

Last changed: 14. January 2010 22:47
#2anthony Style-Productions 14. January 2010 23:10
huh? 120 capture to 40 output at best gfx settings 16 AA, 8 AF, ect...

You're weird Dec
#3Dec HLAE 15. January 2010 22:26
Hmm, ok. It's still a low fps! Didn't notice it was 40 fps ^^ lol. I could see 3 frames being blended so I thought you used 90>30 fps. But it was 120>40 ^^ Anyways.. I suppose you added some blur or something, because the in-game/POV views look unsharp, especially the crosshair :(

And not every texture (etc) had AA so some edges were ugly. Maybe something only I noticed.
You wanted it to be uploaded somewhere btw?

Last changed: 15. January 2010 23:27
#4anthony Style-Productions 16. January 2010 00:32
I dont know what your standards are for "low fps", but you seem quite abnormal in your expectations. No blur added in-game also.

As for the textures... something tells me you've been spoiled by the era of detailed textures as I have not applied them to my movie. I can assure you that all clips were recorded at max resolution/gfx settings.

As for the overal look you seem to be complaining about... I'm assuming you watched the stream version which is scaled down by half to 768x576 for website coding/design reasons. If you'd take the time to download the original version of the trailer (1024x768) you would find the quality quite pleasing... of course, in this age, I dont really expect that much, especially from you Dec.

And finally, to quote myself.

Me wrote:
Generally speaking, Its quite interesting to know that instead of just simply enjoying a film... people are more inclined to find something to complain about (FPS/quality/resolution choice). Hmmm... i shall steer my goal to entertain away from people such as yourself in the future. Enjoy the rest of your day

Last changed: 16. January 2010 00:59
#5Dec HLAE 16. January 2010 01:21
It's 2010, so imo, anything below 200 fps is old school. But of course, a movie can still be enjoyable with a lower fps.

I only noticed the jagged edges for some reason (maybe because I'm a perfectionist?), in the scene where you see "Agent Smith" close to his ear on nuke. Then take a look on the ground. But CS (or your gfx driver) is so badly put that it can't do AA on that location. (Many of us have that problem, even me) I don't blame you. I am probably the only one who notices it anyway.

Why would I stream a movie made by my favourite movie crew? Of course I downloaded it!

And the first time I watch a clip, I enjoy it (if it's that good) but the second and third time, I might find some things that could've been improved, and make it a bit better.

But just keep going. I don't want to argue ;(

#6anthony Style-Productions 16. January 2010 02:50
no need to apologize. i dont see a reason to use 200+ fps on an 11 year old game IMO, but you're entitiled to an opinion. I really could care less about perfecting a graphically retarded game anyway as i think the story here is the main focus. enjoyable conversation none-the-less
#7FEVERON 13. October 2010 19:05
looking foward to watch this one!
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