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SP Movies | Teh Style Gather: '07 Edition

We came, we saw, we nearly got attacked by a wedding party and its rabid bride. Jasper Wiese, Niklas Koep, and yours truly Anthony Perfetto embarked (or two of the three did) on a journey to America where they spent 2 seemingly hopeless weeks at my house. What they didn’t expect was enough good times, memories, and footage to last them a lifetime (or a 34 minute movie). We took on wild Philadelphia men (who have really bad road rage when Niklas ISN’T filming), we took on women missing teeth, we took on 80+ CS movies, and most importantly we fought the local police who thought we were dealing drugs behind a bush at the church.

Hopefully you’ll find some humor in this video. I basically put in all the clips that I found humorous or had some internal humor/meaning behind it. Sucks for you guys I suppose that I wasn’t thinking about you. But this is more of a scrapbook for us three and the Style Crew. Sure I could make it better after watching it a few times. But overall, I think I’m done making adjustments. It fulfills its purpose. I’m sure you’ll find some entertainment value in this.


Movie Information

TITLE Teh Style Gather: '07 Edition
CREATOR(S) Anthony
STARRING Anthony, Niklas, Jasper
GAME Battlefield
TYPE Tribute, Mocumentary, Comedy
CODEC xvid
LENGTH 34:00
RELEASED October 10, 2007

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#1aTomic 10. October 2007 12:51
#2agegge 10. October 2007 12:53
niiiice ;)

Last changed: 10. October 2007 14:27
#3context panCake 10. October 2007 15:38
Downloading :D
#4Bilbo 10. October 2007 15:49
finally :D:D:
love you gays
#5Nooke 10. October 2007 18:04
more mirrors, please
#6r Style-Productions 10. October 2007 18:21
Sure, upload it to a different host and post back here with the link.
#7artemiz ExhaustivePictures 12. October 2007 13:11
1400 kbps :)
#8spEnc Dead and Buried 12. October 2007 19:59
380 kbs real fast -.- lol i laughed through the whole movie great work :D

Last changed: 12. October 2007 21:07
#9Dec HLAE 13. October 2007 21:03
How many editions are there? :E!
#10r Style-Productions 13. October 2007 21:04
there will be another one
#11Hildesheimer 13. October 2007 23:02
So great and hilarious!
#12Christian Style-Productions 15. October 2007 05:26
#13kindred F-ProductionZ 14. February 2008 04:26
34 min zomg
dling now :D
#14kindred F-ProductionZ 14. February 2008 05:34
Fucking hell. You guys are too funny lol
Honestly, you shouldve approached that bride and groome thing lol That wouldve been so freaking great lol
Niklas, Your dancing = priceless LOL
Jasper, Robotic coca cola LOL
Anthony, Germany's national anthem LOL

You guys are too much lol
And I love the constent ripping on Chillside, especially their high quality offices LOL

Gj guys 34 min passed very fast indeed lol
Cant wait for the sweden video lol
#15kevza opima 23. April 2008 12:50
the mirror doesn't work anymore for me =(
#16paskoR 5. May 2008 04:01
mirror doesnt work :(
#17nevoron 19. August 2008 18:05
Could anyone reupload this or give me the songlist / the song that you guys sung in the car?
#18Barahuna 22. January 2009 18:13
cmon guys reupload!
#19Zaknafein Style-Productions 24. February 2009 15:32
Added filefront mirror
#20slize Elegato 24. May 2009 20:59
Classic ! ;p
#21slize Elegato 7. September 2009 14:08
game : battlefield haha
#22r Style-Productions 9. September 2009 00:27
haha, i didnt think anyone would ever comment on that Adam.
#23slize Elegato 24. September 2009 18:19
I'm downloading this movie to see it again . A lot of fun you got there guys ;D I'm jealous!
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