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Anthony Perfetto about the idea behind the competition:

The concept originally stemmed out from my head around November of last year while we were thinking of different competitions to host at our site. Then I figured we could use this as a way of taking a break from the big projects we were working on (some of us hitting the 1.5 year marker).

The goal was simple and I told everyone this from the start; do what you want. Use any game, any form of media, any effect, any program just as long as you created it (if it wasn't an already existing form of media like a movie or football game.) I thought this would be a way to relax everyone's mind and just do what ever made them happy. Boy was I wrong.

The competitive nature that is the human mind escapes my enormous intellect to this day. A friendly competition can still drive anyone to win the gold. Niklas took this to heart and made the best movie I've seen to this day. Eve is fabulous. Qujon and Andreas did what they always wanted to do, Q3 tricking/fragging and CS. Pava...well...Pava's Pava and will always be Pava. He originally had high hopes, but like Scarface, something came between him and his ideas. Me, I do what I always do. Start with a totally irrelevant idea and somehow transform it into a machinima (which is a curse IMO.)

Anyway, this competition turned into a stresser as we all waited until February 18 to really start working on our movies (some even later). The drive to finish was not from inside ourselves, but to deliver to you, the community. So be grateful.

In the end, this was the worst idea ever. It didn't work, but I know for sure one person in the Style Crew gained a lot from it and is now using his new outlook as of today to create media. I think I will too.

The five movies, which now caught sight of daylight, and their respective editors are the following:

Anthony: Abstrusity
Andréas: Blue Sun
Pava: King
Qujon: The Arrival of Satan's Empire

Note: Further information about the contest, the judging and the final results can be found in here.


Movie Information

TITLE Do We Really Got Style?
CREATOR(S) Style-Productions
GAME Other
TYPE Competition videos
CODEC Xvid/wmv9
SIZE Varying
LENGTH Varying
RELEASED March 1, 2007

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#1cristal iceCake 1. March 2007 20:28
#2FarmerJoe Style-Productions 1. March 2007 20:48
#3Dec HLAE 1. March 2007 21:22
Nice :o
#4Christian Style-Productions 1. March 2007 22:18
#5qujon Style-Productions 1. March 2007 22:37
digg drit:D
#6zeun panCake 1. March 2007 22:43
#7FistOr Easy Productions 1. March 2007 23:09
Eve was so awesome
#8slize Elegato 2. March 2007 00:11
wow i'm downloading ;)
#9RatQuiRit Easy Productions 2. March 2007 00:13
#7 is far from truth :'(
#10snarvaj hillbillyjunkies 2. March 2007 00:36
I wish Abstrusity have lasted longer. It catched me so good. Great work Anthony, great work.

Last changed: 2. March 2007 02:48
#11Lewis^ FrailProductions 2. March 2007 04:09
wow eve was very amazing great job

Last changed: 2. March 2007 04:23
#12fsk Style-Productions 2. March 2007 10:06
Wow, 9.9 rating, let's see how long that lasts :>

Well, 8.8 fakk juo.

Last changed: 2. March 2007 15:19
#13slize Elegato 2. March 2007 17:29
Niklas lovely movie . Awesome sync, frags and i love those colors : ) GREAT colors on ramp :)

Really good job, It's nice that you were working on it very carefully and now we can see it . Result ? Nothing more to say just great.

p.s. what bitrate did you use :P "Big" filesize on 640 ( 120 MB and 4 min :D )
#14errzy errormedia 3. March 2007 04:48
just loved Eve.

#15cZF Style-Productions 4. March 2007 09:10
#13 it's 800x480 if you haven't seen. I used 3900 kbit/s if I'm not mistaken and, to be honest with you, I'm not really satisfied with the quality. the wmv version looked better but also weigh 129 megs instead of 117 to correct you. it was actually a stupid idea to release another version for the cost of 12 mb which is nothing for the users actually. however, it's done now. be assured that the next "eve" will result in a better compression^^
#16-IcemaN- Slyder Media 4. March 2007 11:01
man, Eve is ... genious ... eDITFIST is #1

best movie ever imo :D
#17ethii 4. March 2007 15:00
nice...eve and anthony's were the best!
#18entrion Guido Westerwelle 4. March 2007 20:51
Good job.

Last changed: 28. May 2007 00:47
#19aTomic 5. March 2007 01:55
Can't dl eve it wont load!
#20Campbell 5. March 2007 02:08
link dead :/
#21Christian Style-Productions 5. March 2007 13:01
Up again :D
#22Campbell 5. March 2007 22:49
#23minis86 6. March 2007 09:33
wut song name in 3:05 ??
#24slize Elegato 6. March 2007 19:06
#15 i made a movie easyBEn encoded in x264 ( MeGui ) 8:33 min = 202 MB and INSANE quality ;p lol . res is 960x592

my best result ever :))

You can do better quality so I'm waiting forthe next Eve movie : )
#25muffins CTTV 8. March 2007 01:46
...eve is the best counter-strike video to ever be rendered on to a computer.
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