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Statement from Anthony Perfetto:

After releasing Requiem, I've decided to go towards the machinima direction in movies. As many may know (and some may not), a machinima is a story told via digital means with video games. Time will not contain frags.

The Plot

The movie is called Time and follows the story of an ex-military with severe amnesia and no recollection of the last 7 months of his life. It is a story of how one man finds a way to take back his life and another tries to control it.

Who's Involved?

Time is written, directed, and edited by me. Style-Productions will be producing it. The executive producer, music composer, and exclusive distributor of the movie upon its release will be Daniel "tfg" Frome of #GWFilms on Gamesurge. Many of you may know him from his movies ClanWars and Militia 2 along with the Complexity Documentaries. You can catch an interview with him on the front page under "Interviews".

What's in the Movie?

Time contains something for everyone. You will witness fast action, meaningful dialogue, and subtle topics to provide food for your mind while mulling over the many twists thats provided. I will impliment the latest technology in Time including very detailed and elaborate 3D and CG scenes created by Style-Productions' very own FarmerJoe and stevester of CsFlicks. Editing will be at a top-notch professional level, so expect to see cinematography at its best.

What's Being Worked On?

The script is currently going through a minor rewrite stage.


I also have a website being created dedicated to this film so you can stay up-to-date on the film and check out any screenshots/new information that are/is released on the film. Its URL is and is being made by Elymas (


Movie Information

TITLE Time Trailer
STARRING Anthony Perfetto and more
GAME Counter-Strike
TYPE Machinima
CODEC wmv9
LENGTH 02 Minutes 12 Seconds
RELEASED August 26, 2006

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#1dream64 10. October 2006 03:30
you amaze me :)
#2essR 12. October 2006 16:10
its very hard with the camera works and so, but im sure the movie will be something special
#3Granis 14. October 2006 10:27
I loved the movie Requiem, hope this will be nice 2

#4Shagglicious 24. October 2006 16:07
lolz, cant wait
#5ethii 24. October 2006 22:38
:):)hope te whole movie will be good:)
#6N1K N1K Media 10. November 2006 00:36
i dident like the trailer, but gl anyway!
#7Granis 28. December 2006 20:33
The movie will ROCK the trailer ^^
#8kevza opima 6. April 2007 16:03
mhm will there be subtitles??(i know a bit stupid this question)
anyway sounds nice :)
#9DewLeR 6. August 2007 11:05
#2 I agree
#10Dec HLAE 1. October 2007 20:46
NooOooo, invalid mirror :|
#11conex 7. March 2008 17:37
cant find the movie !! give a link
#12conex 7. March 2008 17:41
wats the name at the song
#13Louzzy2 7. April 2008 21:50
The mirror doesn't work for me..
#14Apo5tol 26. December 2008 06:30
Invalid mirror :(
#15capez 11. January 2009 01:24
It's a 2 years old trailer, not strange that it doesn't have a mirror working.
#16Dec HLAE 14. November 2010 01:25
Ooh, it's up again! Haven't seen this for several years.
#17r Style-Productions 9. February 2011 06:06
timeless masterpiece
#18atwspoon 21. February 2011 07:15
freakin' A... why was this not a final product TONY!!! -__-
#19Dec HLAE 27. February 2011 21:54
Is it still possible to download this somewhere?
#20r Style-Productions 11. March 2011 10:13
i could reupload somewhere
#21Dec HLAE 31. March 2011 13:11
#22Dec HLAE 4. April 2014 18:39
Bump. (One of the few Style releases I haven't got on my HDD)
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