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k0nfig The Fallen Star

#1 - 18. May 2020 20:25

Hope your all keeping safe and well in this current situation.

I made a movie on k0nfig.

(Many thanks to Mr Perfetto for his help).

This is my first "big" movie so any feedback would be much appeciated!

Many Thanks!


Karlstad, Sweden
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#2 - 18. May 2020 20:56
Those Eo17 references xD

Clean, minimalistic intro, got the job done.

The campaths sometimes felt a bit too wild by swirling and rotating around. Sync was decent, but could've been better, and I think some clips could've been cut earlier to fasten the pace a little. :>

, Finland
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#3 - 19. May 2020 09:08
Hey there.

This is a good and enjoyable movie that shows potential, 7/10.
You can clearly tell it was inspired by Anthony, but also that it wasn't made by him.

I'll give you some lengthy feedback and criticism since you are somewhat new to CS:GO editing. Some of it may sound blunt, but know that I'm not hating on your movie, I'm just trying to help you improve.

First the positives: There are some nice campaths, transitions, and sync moments. 1:00, 1:31, 1:45, 2:35, 3:17 and 3:30 are some of my favorite moments, good work!

And then the criticism: The intro feels a bit too long for me, and some of the campaths and sync could use some more work. This is just personal preference, but I prefer to see all the kills in the deathnotice without any of them fading away, and I don't like to see any deathnotices in campaths. The in-game audio could also be a bit louder in my opinion, it's hard to hear at some points.

The USP clip at 1:34 feels laggy and out of sync. I like the transition at 2:37 but the cut could be smoother. I also like the campath and idea at 3:06, but was he flashed by it? It could've been highlighted with some sfx and a longer transition from white.

I'm also not a fan of seeing gunshots without sound. They could be quieter and distorted or similar but I'd prefer to hear something at least (4:27, 4:52). The campath at 4:37 clips through the wall. And finally, the text background at the end could use some texture or something.

But like I said in the beginning, I enjoyed the movie and it shows potential. I'm looking forward to seeing your next one. :)

effing nice, Trinidad and Tobago
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#4 - 15. Jun 2020 15:58
CO CO CMON! OK you got me with the first song already! love this oldskool vibe it has with the song :D MWC? 

Watching more now...will edit


still loving it , 2:20 lovely clap edit sequence!
Missed oppurtunity on the speeding up of the song, couldve ditched the single shots for a more dramatic play with a little more action/speed to fit into the songs speeding up.
2:50 same here, slow cams whilst the song is speedy and uptempo, couldve used a bit more speed, some UMPF!

3:13 lovely deagle headshot, couldve used a bit of glitchy FX to emphasize the 'co-co-cmon' again! Still lovely

Ahhhh I couldnt handle the next song :( Not my style, but Still a very very clean and likeable movie. for your first big one, id say job wel done!

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Stavanger, Norway
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#5 - 2. Jul 2020 02:06
I just spent like 2 hours on stream analyzing this movie, before going on a tangent about old movies and stuff.

Part 1 here:

, United States of America
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#6 - 2. Jul 2020 19:33
Zaknafein wrote:
I just spent like 2 hours on stream analyzing this movie, before going on a tangent about old movies and stuff.

Part 1 here:

 Hmm. Think you might have me confused with someone else with regards to crossfading.  Don't think I've ever said that hardcuts should always be used.  I also always imagined Niklas as the effects/sync/technical man, not the "transition man" as yonco labeled him.  That would be Daniel, imo.  Very interesting and thanks for the compliments! 

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#7 - 10. Jul 2020 18:30
Oh wow, an English person!

The film kinda felt like 1.5 to me, with all its ups and downs. Cameras were at times nauseating. Generally a solid effort, interesting to see such oldschool in CSGO
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