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The Desert, United States of America
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Your favorite Cs movie genre?

#1 - 20. Jan 2018 04:02
With all the various types of movies you can make with CS footage, I thought it be interesting to hear what everyone prefers to watch if they had a choice.  It depends for me, honestly, as it's really based on my mood.  Something like The Uprising (with better soundtrack editing LOLOL) is my preferred genre, but i do love me some Castor Fiber/Eve styled movies from time to time.  I comprised below the different types

-Upbeat, high tempo (The Uprising)
-Feel Good, low tempo (Eve)
-Machinima (Clan Wars)
-Music Video (Im So Sick, WoW)
-Frags and music, no real focus on sync
-Documentary (Complexity: Redemption)
-Event Movie (CPL 05)

If you can think of anymore, feel free to add!

Karlstad, Sweden
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#2 - 20. Jan 2018 14:33
The most powerful movies are probably those that give me goosebumps, but that is mostly tied to what kind of music is used and how it is used.

, United States of America
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#3 - 20. Jan 2018 18:00
i like when movies have a lot of frag or action synching but with a clean edit, so it looks like the footage actually just played out that well with the song. Music obviously a huge factor in these for me, always tried to make my own vids in this style. Sort of like xyanide's 1.6 stuff/numlocked/etc.

As you said though, I vary what I like to see depending on the mood. I like the upbeat stuff more I would say, but some of the chiller vids that slow it down are up in my all time favorites. Haven't watched a new vid in quite a while though, always go with the throwbacks!

Somewhere in Asia, Malaysia
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#4 - 22. Jan 2018 09:25
I'm old school guy so I loved the health bar, money hud, all that good stuff. 

Music has to be enjoyable and not too much editing. A cool clean crisp frag movie is da way to go like neigh stated earlier.

Too long make its really boring unless they know how to make it interesting by the time which is really difficult to do. There was a 30min neo frag movie(neo thrill) although it had some cool frags it was just too long for me.

If the movie maker relates the music to the players was really good as well which the creator of the above did with Sunman the movie or something when he moved  to CS:S.

What happened to Dagger? That guy could make good movies.

But for some reason CS:GO movies just doesn't give the umpf and I have to try really hard to like it as opposed to Ruination and EoLithic which just blows my mine away. 

effing nice, Trinidad and Tobago
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#5 - 8. Feb 2018 14:14
100% Feel good movies like EVE!
second comes visual eyecandy like JAEGARN(however the fuck  you write it)

Katowice, Poland
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#6 - 18. Feb 2018 03:56
Either one of the first two. Tournament and clan films tend to be rather boring. Are there any serious fragmovies even coming out now? <sigh> there used to be sites that had all the important films...

Lidköping, Sweden
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#7 - 18. Feb 2018 14:30
The first two, but if I had to choose only one I'd choose high tempo movies. They are the ones that gives me goosebumps the most.
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