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Katowice, Poland
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Annoying marker 'bug' in Vegas

#1 - 21. Nov 2016 22:47

I tend to sometimes get this "bug" in vegas. I put it in quotation marks, because maybe it's some feature I switch on by accident or do something without realizing it. The point is, that all my markers in a project seem to move a little bit, making it impossible to select them by mouse + they are in a different place than before i.e. not on a a cut.

Here is a picture illustrating the problem

No matter how where or how hard I click, i cant select the place on timeline where marker resides - only slightly to left or right.

Does anyone know why this happens? If I reload some older project, the issue is no longer present, so I've been working around it for years now. However it's high time I find out what's up. 

The Desert, United States of America
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#2 - 22. Nov 2016 01:59
So your marker marks the beginning of that clip. And from the looks of it, your clip begins in between frames.  I think your cursor defaults to the nearest frame.  If i'm not mistaken, you can change that.  Not exactly sure, so give it a look around in properties.  In the meantime, have you tried clicking on the beginning of the clip, not the marker? Also, try scrubbing to the beginning of the clip/marker

Last changed: 22. November 2016 01:59

Katowice, Poland
Joined: 8. Oct 2006
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#3 - 22. Nov 2016 08:10
Yea, in this case it sits in between clips, but I must have placed it at that point, havent I? Sure, you can fine-tune your selection by pressing ctrl+arrow left/right, but that's not the point here.

I'll post a different screenie or a clip when I get back from work. 

Sofia, Bulgaria
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#4 - 22. Nov 2016 09:24
Dude, are you working on an Unreal video?

On topic, I haven't had that bug or feature yet so cannot help you unfortunately.

, Norway
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#5 - 24. Nov 2016 00:35
Have you changed your project fps settings after placing the marker? This often happens due to the change in frame rate whenever you switch from say 25 -> 60 frames in your project settings.

Another thing you could do is go to Options -> "Quantize to Frames" (or ALT+F8), which will give you the option to move your playhead freely inbetween frames. This might not be the best solution as it will offset your video/audio and create undesired cross dissolves at cuts you've done when you later render your video. However it might help offsetting markers  to your desired position etc.

You can read more about this option here if you're interested

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Katowice, Poland
Joined: 8. Oct 2006
Posts: 879
#6 - 18. Dec 2016 22:12
Oh shit SiCKO, thats awesome! For some reason I was working on my project in 120fps for the whole time, and I must have changed it to 30 at one point - that caused the discrepancy. 

And thanks for the quantize to frames! Should come in handy on some occasions!

On the project - yah, its Unreal - im doing some behind the scenes stuff for unreal power. 
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