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Full black rendering 16,16,16

#1 - 20. Jul 2016 16:49
I render out of Vegas as an uncompressed AVI, then compress with Legion. 

Here's how a fully black screen looks:

As you can see, the youtube "black" is much darker than the video. I checked with photoshop and the colour is 16,16,16 instead of 0,0,0.

Any ideas what could be causing this and how to fix it? 

Edit, it seems the file is coming out looking fine until it's uploaded to youtube. I've seen some posts about the "safe" colour range but I'm not sure if that applies to this.

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Karlstad, Sweden
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#2 - 20. Jul 2016 17:18
Can you link the clip or is it secret business? :P
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LOLville, Romania
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#3 - 21. Jul 2016 07:03
looks good till youtube ?

, England
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#4 - 25. Jul 2016 14:17
Yeah that seems to be the case. I'll do a short test render.

Any ideas?

Sofia, Bulgaria
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#5 - 25. Jul 2016 16:34
Maybe this will help?

, England
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#6 - 26. Jul 2016 00:56
I just gave that a try and it didn't seem to help. I tried both Computer to Studio, and Studio to Computer.

It seems like all of the info (such as that page) is the reverse of the issue which is why I tried the reverse filter. 

The problem is everything appears LOW contrast (blacks aren't full black, presumably whites aren't full white), whereas that appears to be a guide to correct higher contrast.

Here's the examples with each version of the filter, the very start of the clip should be pure black:

Computer RGB -> Studio RGB:

and Studio RGB -> Computer RGB

The black colour (after checking in photoshop) of the uploads are 29,29,29 and 16,16,16. So the fix in the guide made it worse, and the reverse fix did nothing. 

I'm getting the impression that YouTube is converting a 0-255 into a 16-235, so it's losing contrast. But info on the problem seems to imply the opposite so I'm a bit confused.

Edit: Ok so, it appears to be from an nvidia setting. The default (under the 'video' tab) is to use the player defaults. I think HTML5 videos are choosing to use the 16-235 range. Overriding it to use the custom nvidia settings and changing it to 0-255 seems to have fixed it. 

I'm not sure how other videos avoid the issue though, presumably from different formatting (maybe videos that don't support HTML5?)

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#7 - 28. Jul 2016 11:09
The videos that are fully black use a different codec (VP9), yours uses avc1.4d401e.

You can right click the HTML5 player and select stats for nerds to see that.

Most likely your video is still in Studio RGB, adding a conversion filter in the project will not change the final output!

Edit: Have a look at the Table of Codecs here, this should make your problem very clear and also offer a solution:

PS: Don't forget to deactivate the range forcing in NVIDIA settings.

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