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Sticky: How to give feedback

#1 - 18. Jul 2006 15:49

This thread's purpose is to give you guys some suggestions about how a constructive review on should look like.

The most important thing about a good review is always a well thought-out structure; do not just write down everything that is on your mind at the time you are stating your opinion about a certain movie. A good structure will simply help the creator to understand why you possibly rated the movie below his own expectations and also provide him with a clean overview about the main points he should work on in your eyes. Try to be as detailed as possible in your explanation and always keep in mind: the more detailed your elaborations are, the more valuable they are for the moviemaker.

We also mentioned in our thread 'How to accept feedback' that it is more likely that someone will improve his own style when he takes as much care of the negative feedback as of the positive. Eulogies over eulogies are of course pleasant to read for a moviemaker but negative feedback is actually even more desirable since humans usually learn from their mistakes. This does not mean at all that you should keep silent of the positive aspects - quite the opposite: you are dearly welcomed to describe what pleased you about a movie. Dead honest: where would be the fun about moviemaking if people only had to read negative reviews. In case you think that a movie was just perfect in your eyes, try to take a closer look and write down every single thing you did not like - maybe watch the movie some more times before writing your review. A movie that simply fullfils all your expectation is a utopian dream - something that will definitely never be created.

Okay, enough the introducing words now. To get you guys finally started, we suggest to take the following points into consideration when you are about to write a movie review. Of course you are welcomed to place more value on other aspects but the following are the ones we from Style-Productions suggest.

- 16 or 32 bit
- anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering been applied
- size-length-ratio
- overall quality
- sound quality

Overall Editing
- variation of in-eye sequences and alternate camera shots and angles
- fluent video and audio transitions
- colour correction
- cropping
- general editing flaws (e.g. hud_saytext enabled)

- new and individual effects
- overuse of a certain effect
- complexity of effects (e.g. simple glow)

- many/only eco kills
- skill of opponents
- demo quality (minimal or significant lag)

- frags synced to the theme
- only 'trill' syncing

- climatic build-up
- continuous tension
- variety of calm and energetic parts

- interrupting events
- overuse of slow-motion sequences

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